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      It would be a great help for all of us if you give some feedback on the content you watch here on the site. What’s good? What could be better? What works well? What direction(s) of content should we focus on? Who made your favorite video?

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      Matt Wuchner

      Open invite on questions/comments/concerns regarding my little “Help People Suck Less at JiuJitsu” series… current plan is to make 5 longer videos going into detail on each of the frames I introduced.

      Also considering a video showing how they all work together, then a video with my own take on bringing a sense of objectivity to the subjectivity involved with belt promotions (coming from an area where the local blackbelts have such wildly varying approaches to promotions, belts don’t really mean much anymore. It’s both kinda sad, and kinda relieving. Ha ha ha!)

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