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Teaching Principles Series: “Animals for Kids” (5:20)

Kids relate to animals, even from a young age kids will have the ability to impersonate various animals. When kids use their imagination and try to really embody a particular animal it allows them to move in ways that are natural and easy. I have noticed that using animal movements is a great way to […]

Stickfighting warmup game for kids (and adults) (Wim Deputter 15m)

Stickfighting for kids and adults What? A fun class I play regularly at the kids classes. Variations of stick/sword fighting using pool noodles. Why? Fun Train action/reaction Learn to gauge and control distance Train footwork Something different Easy, low entry first contact with martial arts Do martial arts with kids / adults who are afraid […]

What to teach when starting out (Rahman Fahed 10m)

Starting out as a BJJ instructor can bring with it a lot of questions. What should you be teaching? How do you design a syllabus? In this video, I set out my thoughts on what new instructors should focus on when planning their lessons as well as how my club developed its syllabus.

Conversations worth having: The Guard (Matt Wuchner 5m)

The second installment of the Conversations Worth Having Series. In this video Matt discusses the guard as it relates to “guards” seen in other sports/forms of combat, and the value of explaining the objective purpose it serves as a defensive platform first and foremost. When students are made aware that there is indeed a base […]

Learning Objectives Part 1 (Felix Adler 22m)

What do we teach in a grappling class? This video shows my ideas about what should be improved over the course of a grappling lesson (physical abilities, knowledge and skills). I take a first look at how one should modulate different aspects over a longer period before choosing suitable goals and learning objectives for each […]

The Importance Of Root Technique (Luke Spencer 4m)

A brief into to the idea of finding the “root technique”, in order to really break down technique and movements within martial arts. This breakdown will be very effective in helping the student learn the origins of a movement, or principle, why it is done, what it leads to (“branches”) and this will help aide […]

My general method for teaching sweeps (Wim Deputter 15m)

During a roll you have to sweep a person who actively resists. Imagine sweeping someone who resists, if you cannot even sweep the person correctly when he or she allows it 🙂 For that reason, the first step when I teach a sweep, is connecting myself to my partner and let my partner roll or […]

My general method for teaching submissions (Wim Deputter 21m)

One of the most important things to learn and teach more effective, is to focus on concepts rather than on techniques. When I analyze Jiu Jitsu, I always focus on the commonalities between different techniques; what is universal. A certain technical improvement my help you in a specific situation. A universal concept, applicable everywhere, will […]

Running a fun and high-energy-low-injury wrestling program for non-wrestlers of all levels (Christian Graugart 32m)

In this video, I explain how I have been running my weekly wrestling class for all levels. We always teach “position before submission” on the ground but when it comes to standup, most Jiu Jitsu academies just teach a few takedowns here and there, with very little—or no—emphasis on the positional aspect. People also have […]

How to film things and how to do other things good part 3: Choose Your Camera (And Style) (Florian Dedio 20m)

I made a mistake in my last video: I (wrongly!) assumed that most people would either have (or would get) a DSLR/Mirrorless/Camera-that-looks-like-a-photo-camera-but-can-also-film. This is of course not the case, so let’s talk about other kinds of cameras, from camcorders to action cams and cell phones, and how you can use these to film whatever it […]

Let’s make some money (Eric Robinson 13m)

A few ideas on how I made some extra money while starting my business. www.customink.com for fundraisers www.teespring.com for print-on-demand apparel and other goodies www.93brand.com for wholesale pricing of gis without a tax-ID number www.cruzcmbt.com for wholesale and retail of rashguards and other nogi gear. https://app.elify.com/vbc/glzk9g8tmm?t=nvsfc6 for your website / digital business card / landing […]

Tips For Teaching Kids BJJ Class (Benny Wynne 7m)

Teaching groups of kids can be challenging! This video includes principles that will help you be an effective kids bjj teacher and deal with off task behaviour. Topics include, how your attitude affects your students attitude, how to position students for maximum attention, giving feedback & correction and how to deal with behaviour issues.

Help people suck less at Jiu Jitsu: Wrap-up (Matt Wuchner 1m)

A quick little wrap-up of this series on how to Help People Suck Less at JiuJitsu. Here Matt explains potential projects moving forward. If you enjoyed this series and would like to see more, let us know and we’ll put out deeper dives into each of these frames individually rather than spreading out attention over […]

Help people suck less at Jiu Jitsu: Frame 2 (Matt Wuchner 3m)

The Second of 5 Frames to Help People Suck Less at JiuJitsu. This video takes a look at the bigger picture of the Training Game. We create a distinction between ‘Practice’ and ‘Performance’ so your students can go into training with a more clear perspective on making genuine progress. We define ‘Training’ in simple/straightforward terms […]

We Train UFC, Bro: Teaching Techniques with a Touch of Storytelling (Ruadhan MacFadden 10m)

BJJ techniques are not suddenly born in isolation. They’ve been developed and battle-tested over the course of decades (sometimes centuries) by people on the highest level, in multiple different combat sports. Every technique has a story behind it. As a coach, making beginners aware of that story can help them realise just effective – and […]