My general method for teaching submissions (Wim Deputter 21m)

One of the most important things to learn and teach more effective, is to focus on concepts rather than on techniques. When I analyze Jiu Jitsu, I always focus on the commonalities between different techniques; what is universal. A certain technical improvement my help you in a specific situation. A universal concept,
applicable everywhere, will greatly improve your game all over.

In this video I will show and teach you the general outline I use to teach submissions both safe, effectively and easy to understand.

I use the straight footlock, rear naked choked and armbar as an example to illustrate my method.

The steps of my method are as follows:

  1. Opponent is relaxed: apply the submission purely by squeezing with your biceps.
    >>> Arm strength beats the relaxed state
  2. Opponent engages his muscles: squeeze your biceps as tight as possible and engage your back muscles (lats).
    >>> Arm strength follow by back engagement beat the engaged state.
  3. The opponent will use rotation to alleviate the pain / pressure: you rotate or counter-rotate to either finish the submission or stop the rotation of your opponent until he decides to rotate to the side you need.
    >>> Biceps engagement + Back engagement + Rotation beat the engaged moving state

You are always welcome to reach out to me with questions or feedback.

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